Baaaad Animals

Baaaad Animals
Age Group: 6-9
Series: Poetry
Illustrator: Christina Leist
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: March 2007
ISBN: 189658036X
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Sheep that steal. A lyin’ lion. Slugs with deep, dark secrets. This second book of humorous verse for children from Tiffany Stone is full of animals being B-A-A-D. Remember those sheep? They say they’ll "give you nightmares, make you weep." But you’re more likely to giggle at their antics and the crazy capers of the other critters in this book instead. Stone’s mischievous poems paired with Christina Leist’s cheeky ink illustrations guarantee readers are in for a very GOOD time indeed!


Winner of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre ‘Our Choice’ Award 1998-1999*Chosen for Vancouver Translink’s Poetry in Transit 2008


“Even kids who say they don’t like Poetry will change their minds when they read or hear this collection. Highly recommended.” – CM Magazine

“This is an excellent book for the four to eight age ranges. This could be used successfully to introduce children to Poetry and thinking outside of the box creatively in the classroom.” – Children’s Literature

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