Age Group: 4-7
Series: Picture Books
Illustrator: Shaoli Wang
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: October 2014
ISBN: 1896580769
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In a Chinese village, Bamboo, a simple farmer, falls in love with a peasant girl, Ming, and soon they are married. To celebrate the wedding, the newlyweds plant a grove of bamboo. When Bamboo goes to the New World to seek his fortune, his new wife is left behind to till the fields. Ming soon discovers that the bamboo she brought as a gift to her new husband is magic.


Finalist for the Christie Harris Illustrated Children’s Literature Prize (BC Book Prizes) 2006 *Finalist for the Chocolate Lily Award (BC Readers’ Choice) 2007 *Finalist for the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Award 2007 *Selected for the Best of 2006 list by Ressource Links


“Another heart-warming tale of the perseverance of the human spirit from Paul Yee that will be thoroughly enjoyed in the classroom” Resource Links

“Wang’s folk-art-style paintings layer scenes of traditional, rural home life against strikingly composed landscapes, contributing to the story’s magical dimension through wild, off-kilter perspectives” Booklist

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