Chinese Fairy Tale Feasts

Chinese Fairy Tale Feasts
Age Group: 7-12
Series: Literary Cookbook
Illustrator: Shaoli Wang
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: January 2015
ISBN: 9781896580685


In this enchanting collection of fairy tales, including original stories and interpretations of Chinese folklore by master storyteller Paul Yee, a glorious procession of characters—peasants, ghosts, merchants, demons, villagers and kings—make their appearance.  Each tale is followed by a recipe for a traditional Chinese dish.

Chinese Fairy Tale Feasts is a unique treasure that will delight readers and cooks across the generations. 


Winner of the Best Canadian Cook Book Award at the Gourmand Word Cookbook Fair (2015)


“Each tale is served alongside a tempting recipe and lovingly flavored with gorgeous folkloric illustrations (a visual feast in itself), making this literary banquet something to savor with family and friends across generations time and again.”

Jamarattigan, February 2015

“This is a fine collection of quintessential Chinese fairy tales and recipes. The stories are told with tangy and intriguing details that invite American readers to consider the Chinese perspective…The renditions of the tales are impressive and will be appreciated by a wide age range; they are easy to read but not oversimplified.”

 —School Library Journal, February 2015

“A feast for young imaginations…Chinese folklore is steeped in mystical adventures culminating in universal lessons of empathy, generosity and forgiveness. Chinese Fairy Tale Feasts: A Literary Cookbook from Interlink Publishing combines a brief collection of these stories with a Chinese food recipe of equal cultural relevance. The result is a charming and fast-paced book that takes young readers on a cultural journey of delicious proportions.”

Dumpling Magazine, February 2015

“This collection of original stories and adapted Chinese folklore..features noblemen, peasants, animals, gods, and ghosts in tales that frequently address themes of greed, poverty, hunger, and atonement…Wang’s cartoons, a mix of full-page illustrations and spot art, evoke Chinese folk art with bright colors, ornamental prints, and naïve figures…a collection to feed the mind and the body.”

Publisher’s Weekly, January 2015

“Yee does a great job of incorporating the traditional stories and recipes with brief paragraphs that provide helpful historical context. An entertaining, multifaceted, and—most importantly—delicious way to explore Chinese culture at home or in a classroom.”


“Chinese Fairy Tale Feasts is yet another delightful addition to Yee’s impressive repertoire. Yee’s work weaves the tales and characters of historical China—peasants, ghosts, kings—with classical Chinese recipes in a way that highlights both the importance of cooking and storytelling to the essence of Chinese culture. Wang’s illustrations are clear, beautiful, and look culturally authentic; they complement the text nicely.”

—4 stars, CM Magazine

“This book will be a great addition to the folktales sections of school and public libraries.”

—Resource Links, Mar 2015

“I think Chinese Fairy Tale Feasts: A Literary Cookbook could easily become a family favorite. The well-told and colorfully illustrated tales should make it a popular choice as both a family read aloud and as independent reading for an older child.” (4.5*/5)

Chinese Fairy Tale Feasts’ Dan Dan Mian recipe quoted in Gazette‘s Chinese New Year article.

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