Crocs at Work

Crocs at Work
Age Group: 3-7
Series: Picture Books
Illustrator: Rae Maté
Length: 32 Pages
ISBN: 9781926890043


In Crocs at Work, the team that created the children’s Crocodiles Play and Crocodiles Say tackle the world of work—again with laughs and poetry.



“Clear, cheerful colors, a sunshiny atmosphere and a pleasant, wicked ebullience make a perfect story-time choice.”—The Toronto Star
“Reminiscent in tone of the 1958 classic What Do You Say, Dear? by Sesyle Joslin and Maurice Sendak, this happy double message gives child readers plenty of freedom to create their own alliances.”
— Quill & Quire


Count on crocodiles to put distinctive spins on a range of occupations.

Cast into sturdy verse with each snappy punch line revealed by a page turn, this reptilian roster is tailor-made for reading aloud. Whether doctors or teachers, house painters or gourmet cooks, Heidbreder’s crocodiles consistently turn work into wild rumpuses: “House-painting Crocs are in demand / for tasteful eye and skillful hand. / They feel each house should stand apart— / a chic, unique Croc work of art— / subtle, tranquil, calm and quaint…” (wait for it) “So every house they splatter-paint!” Dressed as humans, the long-nosed, variously colored, and not particularly toothy figures in Maté’s sunny cartoon illustrations sport engaging grins as they chow down themselves on the fruits of their labors, throw paint with abandon, exuberantly cover the “owies” of young patients with Band-Aids galore, and deposit mail anywhere except into mailboxes.

An entirely nonserious, delightfully welcome look at the world of work.
– Kirkus Reviews (Site)

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