If I Had a Million Onions

If I Had a Million Onions
Age Group: 6-10
Series: Poetry
Illustrator: Yayo
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: December 2006
ISBN: 1896580785
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This vibrant collection of poetry by Sheree Fitch will tickle everyone’s funny-bones. Yayo’s delightful and humourous illustrations perfectly match these whimsical poems.


Finalist for the Beehive Children’s Poetry Book Award (Utah) 2007-2008*Finalist for the Hackmatack Award (Children’s Choice) 2006-2007* Finalist for the Silver Birch Award (Ontario Readers’ Choice) 2006* Included in CanLit for Little Canadians’ “Peace: Social Justice Books List #3” (2013)


“A delight from first line to last, these 25 poems—each featuring small, whimsical colored-pencil sketches leave even the most tone-deaf ears eager to (as the title poem puts it) ‘juggle some / Then huggle some / And give the rest away.’”             Kirkus Reviews

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