Maudie and the Green Children

Maudie and the Green Children
Age Group: 4-7
Series: Picture Books
Illustrator: Sigune Hamann
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: January 1996
ISBN: 1896580068
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Maudie Hessett discovers two green children from another world hiding in the village wolf pit. The children are treated so cruelly by the villagers that they return to their own land. Maudie, now a grown woman, vows to visit the green world when her own child becomes old enough. A haunting and highly poetic parable about prejudice and fear of "outsiders."



“The easy power of Adrian Mitchell’s language, the cadences of the East Anglican speech which he captures without effort, and the startling watercolours of the illustrations make this a small miracle of a book for older, as well as younger children.” Carousel the Guide to Children’s Books

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