Night Sky Wheel Ride

Night Sky Wheel Ride
Age Group: 3-6
Illustrator: Yayo
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: February 2013
ISBN: 9781896580678


Sister and Brother

mothers and fathers and all 

of the others 

in the whole wide whirling


We are fizzy with the dizzy


fuzzy with the Ferris wheel


Sheree Fitch’s brilliant poetry and Yayo’s vivid artwork light up the night sky in this wonderful picture book for kids young and old.


2013 White Raven;
2012 Lux Award for Illustration;
Shortlisted for Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award


“Unique and joyous, this is a treat for all imaginative, dreamy spirits who love a good ride.” – School Library Journal


“Poem and pictures unite in a delirious celebration of a first ride on a Ferris wheel. . . . A giddy, intense, hugely fun ride that will propel listening audiences large or small into spinning tizzies of their own.” – Kirkus Starred Review


“The Ferris wheel takes people way above the world below for a time, allowing them dominion over the heavens. … With a vivid and impressionistic art style from illustrator Yayo, “Night Sky Wheel Ride” is a charming and much recommended read along picturebook.”  – Midwest Book Review


“Fitch and Yayo capture the inherent magic of a carnival—and, in particular, the thrill of conquering a ride for the first time—in this giddily imaginative ode to the Ferris wheel. … Children may clamor for a trip to the carnival after reading, but the book is a satisfying ride in itself.” – Publishers Weekly Starred Review


“A fantasy poem, which encourages children to become brave and experience new things. We absolutely loved the illustrations, enough to enjoy just turning the pages to look at each one. A soft celebration of words and pictures.” – Guardian UK


“Sheree Fitch has a great many books to her credit and this is no exception. What Sheree does with words Yayo does with illustration. Highly recommended.” – Resource Links


“This is a glorious book that celebrates both literal and imaginative flight. Fitch’s evocative lines are magnified by Yayo’s exuberant illustrations. Marvellous transformations abound: clouds of cotton candy becom trees, flowers become children, people below become jelly beans, Ferris wheel cars become boats and beds, then falling apples.” – Quill & Quire


“Fitch takes readers on a wonderful ride here, and Yayo’s dizzifying pictures are the perfect match. A totally satisfying outing for the book characters and the book’s readers alike. Night Sky Wheel Ride is a book for school and public library picture book collections. Highly recommended.” – CM Magazine


“A picture book is not simply about language; it is about the marriage of language with illustration, and it is this marriage which makes Night Sky Wheel Ride soar above the fairgrounds. … [Yayo’s] illustrations for this book are imaginative, colourful, and associative; they draw in the cosmos through the lens of daily life. …

This is no ordinary Ferris wheel ride, nor is this an ordinary book. Like so many great children’s books, it tells a simple tale well; yet bubbling throughout and beyond is the story of joy, of memory, of life, love and loss, and of imagination and the reaching for all that lies beyond.” – Mouse-traps and the Moon


“Fitch’s sound and word play, as well as her visual imagery, are so adept that this poem hardly needs its accompanying artistic fantasy.” – Toronto Star


“With poetic spunk and flair, Fitch focuses on the bravery of a little boy and his sister as the Ferris wheel turns into a shape-shifter before their wide eyes. . . . It takes a familiar experience and turns it into an exhilarating adventure that bequeaths two kids their long-awaited badge of courage along with an unexpected transcendental experience.” – Spirituality & Practice

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