No-Matter-What Friend

No-Matter-What Friend
Age Group: 3-6
Series: Chapter Books
Illustrator: Pierre Pratt
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: October 2014
ISBN: 9781896580838


No-Matter-What Friend tells the story of the special relationship between a boy and his old dog through rhyme.


Selected as one of the CCBC’s Best Books of 2014.


“A charming story about friendship enduring even when one member becomes old. True friendship lasts forever. Colorful illustrations complement the storyline, depicting the experiences of the boy and dog.” 

—Jeanna Potts, Children’s Literature 

“A touching, understated story in which a boy looks back at growing up with his faithful dog. … Soft-focus, impressionistic illustrations create a dreamlike world witha misty quality suggestive of hazy memories.”

Kirkus Reviews, August 2014


“A sweet elegaic story about a boy and a dog growing old together. … an evocation of the special relationship many of us have with our animal friends.”

Shelley Sommer, August 2014


“Written in simple, sparse moving verse for the understanding of children ages 3-6, “No-Matter-What Friend” explores the depth and comfort of a relationship between a growing boy and his old dog, who has been his faithful friend, protector, and companion since babyhood . . . Masterful illustrations map out the emotional content of every nuance of interaction, evoking warmth, sensitivity, and all the feelings of joy and sadness a heart’s love can feel.”

Midwest Book Reviews, August 2014

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