Age Group: 13 and up
Series: Young Adult
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: September 2010
ISBN: 9781896580012
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Roxy is a tale of secrets and lies, sex and death. Sent to Greece on a mission of mercy to meet her estranged grandfather, Roxy uncovers the truth about her family—and must unravel the longtime consequences of a tragic love story. At the same time she has a secret of her own, and must deal with her strong feelings for the far-too-good-looking Giorgio. This is a riveting mystery with a tough yet vulnerable narrator.



“The setting for this book is electric, full of colour, sweet smells, heat and dizzying heights. The themes of reuniting family, carrying on family traditions, creating another generation and holding in secrets spring out at the reader, provoking not only laughter but also deep thought and sighs of contentment.” CM Magazine

“Interspersed throughout this charming story are little nuggets of wisdom written in a thoughtful, impressionable, and memorable manner…Reece has crafted a coming of age tale which should be sad and painful but instead is spirited. Recommended.” Library Media Connection

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