Shu-Li and Tamara

Shu-Li and Tamara
Age Group: 6-9
Series: Chapter Books
Illustrator: Shaoli Wang
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: April 2008
ISBN: 9781896580937
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Shu-Li’s family moved to Canada two years ago. They now run a Chinese deli in Vancouver’s Commerical Drive area. Her classmate Tamara recently moved into the neighbourhood. The two girls become good friends, but an ugly rumour threatens their relationship.



“Vivid characters and challenging plots create thought-provoking moral ambiguity for Yee’s readership. His themes—challenging new responsibilities, exotic foods, charity fundraising projects—provide a wealth of information, context, and stimulation for individual pondering and for group discussion.”

—Paper Tigers


“This friendship book has an amiable tone, readable dialouge, and a believable plot.”

School Library Journal


“The illustrations give [the Shu-Li books] a dynamic edge that would obviously find popularity with its target audience. Of course, the rather wholesome rhetorical nature of these books will have parents also approving of these narratives and characters.”

Asian American Literature Fans

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