The Graveyard Hounds

The Graveyard Hounds
Age Group: 8-12
Series: Chapter Books
Illustrator: Christina Leist
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: July 2008
ISBN: 9781896580272
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The disembodied howls of the Graveyard Hounds threaten to bring disaster to Mike and Annie’s town. It’s October. Storms rage, fires break out, and a mysterious visitor appears. When the dogs in town lose their barks, Mike and Annie set out to solve the mystery. They follow the clues and uncover scary secrets from the past. Can Mike and Annie stop the deadly curse of the Graveyard Hounds? The story is enlivened by highly original pen and ink drawings by Christina Leist.



“As Hallowe’en approaches, violent storms occur over the town where Mike and Annie live. Lightning strikes their playground and their dogs lose their bark. Noticing the new school custodian is around whenever something strange happens, they decide to investigate and become caught up in a terrible secret which requires brave actions–are they up to it? Find out in this spine-tingling story with large print and some pictures.” Primary Times

“(Despite) it’s ominous atmosphere, this is a story most children can enjoy before bed.” Canadian Materials

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