The Mouse Who Saved Egypt

The Mouse Who Saved Egypt
Age Group: 3-6
Series: Picture Books
Illustrator: Bee Willey
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: January 2011
ISBN: 9781896580791


See how a small kindness can be repaid a thousand times over. In this retelling of an ancient MIddle Eastern folk tale, Karim Alrawi follows up his best-selling The Girl Who Lost Her Smile with another classic fable.



“With many primary schools returning to topic based learning it’s helpful to find some new fiction to support a theme. This simple but humorous tale with illustrations of temples, the sphinx, landscapes and everyday life would not only support a study of ancient Egypt but also provide links to other areas of the curriculum.” – School Librarian

“The text is well supported by the rich two-page illustrations in mixed media. The images show the vastness and beauty of the Egyptian desert, as well as details of ancient culture in art, food, architecture and religion. Recommended.” – Resource Links


“The image of small creatures defeating the powerful is always gratifying, as is the book’s thoughtful portrayal of Egyptian cultural themes.” – Publishers Weekly


“Alrawi’s language is as timeless as the tale he tells. Illustrator Bee Willey’s generous spreads whisk readers away to the sun-bleached deserts and cool blue stones of ancient Egypt. The message of the tale – faith in the reciprocity of good deeds – is presented in an elegant and functional manner. It assures little ones: do something good, and one day you’ll be rewarded for your kindness.” – Quill & Quire


“Bee Willey’s sun-drenched illustrations show ancient Egypt in all of its splendor. Karim Alrawi’s storytelling has the straightforward simplicity of an Aesop fable.” Canadian Review of Materials


“Egyptian-born Karim Alrawi narrates a captivating ancient Middle Eastern folk tale in an unadorned, yet engaging, manner. His voice is that of a storyteller, capturing the mystique and the grandeur of the land and its people. Bee Willey’s double-paged digital artwork educates as well as entertains. Readers will be fascinated not only by the ancient Egyptian panorama, but also with the architecture, customs, clothing and communication of this venerable civilization. This delightful teaching tale exemplifies what a big difference a little bit of kindness can make.” – Canadian Children’s Books News


“The ideas of even the smallest of us having the potential to be heroic or kindess being a gift that’s always returned would promote some lively discussion. … This book would make a very useful resource for classes studying ancient Egypt or be an interesting group reading choice. … Perhaps, like me, they will want to discover if there really is a golden mouse in a temple near the Sphinx.” – School Librarian journal

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