Shu-Li and Diego

Shu-Li and Diego
Age Group: 8-11
Series: Chapter Books
Illustrator: Shaoli Wang
Publisher: Tradewind Books
Publication Year: October 2009
ISBN: 9781896580531
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In this sequel to the popular Shu-Li and Tamara, Paul Yee recounts the adventures of Shu-Li and her classmate Diego as they face the challenge of taking care of Baxter, a neighbour’s dog. The two friends face disaster when Baxter runs away and they have to break the news to its owner.


Selected as the Year’s Best Fiction grade 3 to 6 by Resource Links Magazine 2009


“A late primary, early junior chapter book Shu-Li and Diego will delight young readers with its tale of good citizenship, lending a helping hand, responsibility building, and friendship…this simple story will definitely be enjoyed by its intended audience.”


This book would be a good addition to a school or public library’s collection where it can contribute to the existing body of books that deal with cross-cultural friendships or relationships…Librarians could also use this book in a read-aloud programming session.”

—CM magazine

“The illustrations give [the Shu-Li books] a dynamic edge that would obviously find popularity with its target audience. Of course, the rather wholesome rhetorical nature of these books will have parents also approving of these narratives and characters.”

Asian American Literature Fans

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